Overwhelming UX and expandability will change the future of smartglasses

The era of users being surprised by putting on wearable glasses is drawing to a close.
We believe that we have to provide something “Beyond surprise” through applications.

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A future full of wonder

So far when users wore a smartglass, at first they were surprised but for that wonder to last a long time was rare.
Kobe Digital Labo(KDL) will provide an application that will surprise the user when he/she wears a smartglass
When thinking of an actual case in use, since it has the function and expandability to withstand actual
use, it will be possible to increase your business chances even further


The navigation application on smart glass navigating a travel parson.

ARrow Navi

AR navigation application for smartglasses that will overwhelmingly exceed the navigation experience of conventional smartphones.

A man who speaking while reading the manuscript displayed on the smart glass.

Smart Prompter

A simple setting whereby you just register a presentation memo from a Web screen and anyone can do a presentation using a smartglass.

A woman who knitting while watching the video displayed on the smart glass.

Sharing view

By projecting a training video right in front of your eyes with a smarglass, you can carry out various training operations hands free.

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Other than what was explained above, we will develop applications that will provide new experience to your business
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